You’ve invested so much in your marriage but you feel things are not going well. It’s time to take action!

You signed up for a Sizzling Hot Marriage but what you have is something you are anxious to change. What you need is some help. Trusting your marriage to your grandmother may not be the best decision. Get help from a licensed professional.  Learn from relationship expert and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Joseph L. Follette, Jr., M.Div., M.S. In this course he will teach you the 10 steps to turn the heat up in your marriage.

You can do this in just 10 Days!

In a little less than two weeks you could have a very different marriage.



Ready to make some changes in your marriage? 

I have been helping couples work through those bumps on the road of life and heat up their marriage for over 20 years. Let me help you through my course take your marriage to the next level. I will focus heavily on teaching you valuable communication skills necessary to navigate the myriad land minds that virtually litters the landscape of marriage.

Everything doesn't have to become an argument. You can learn how to sit and amicably work through issues. I'll show you how. If you are ready to learn - you can quickly improve your relationship skills in my course.

Improving communication is the central focus of this course. However the course covers a lot of ground on the critical conflicts couples frequently face. Like finances, sex, responsibilities, leisure activities, etc.

  • Take the Prepare/Enrich Relationship Assessment to identify your strength and growth areas.
  • Set personal and couple goals to positively impact your marriage.
  • Have fun with your mate on 10 Sizzling Hot Dates.
  • Stay more focused on what matters most to your spouse
  • Develop the communication skills you need to have a Sizzling Hot Marriage.


Each lesson contains videos of my instruction. My goal is to educate and show you how to improve your marriage.


Each lesson contains a reading section for those who find this the best way to learn. You will have lots of material to consume as you learn positive marriage tips.


The thought provoking questions I ask will help the two of you to improve your communication and address the issues that will help you build a strong and positive marriage.


What's a marriage with no fun. I will give you activities to experience each other and practice what you learned in that lesson.

The 10 Steps to Heat Up Your Marriage

Remember Your Attraction
Recommit to Companionship
Become Effective Communicators
Become Better Lovers
Discover your Purpose
Become Better Problem Solvers
Be a Happier Person
Get Better Organized
Make Time for Sex
When Disappointed Return to Love

Tired of Not Connecting?


Happy Couples

Beth and Sergio

Andi and Amber

Maryanne and Mark

Anastasia and Orlando

Brittany and Tre'

Alison and Greg

Fatima and Daud

Alo and Aiyanna

Is This You?

  • I'm Simply Bored STIFF!
  • Our sexual relations have all but ceased.
  • We are just totally out of sync.
  • My husband is more interested in his video games than he is me.
  • I have been so angry all the time I've started having ulcers.
  • We are doing OK. But not where we would like to be by now in our marriage.
  • His family is just going to drive me crazy.
  • We argue about everything. 
  • There seems to be nothing I can do right for this woman.
  • He is so controlling.

Your Marriage Can Be Better!

My goal is to see that your marriage is on a good path and your family stays strong. This is what I have devoted my life work to. In this course I will take you by the hand and guide you step by step through placing some new policies in your marriage. These policies will help you address your differences more positively and help you be in harmony with one another.



What do you want?

Do you want to get a clear objective view of what your marriage looks like?

Do you want to learn how to communicate effectively with one another?

Do you want to improve how you resolve conflict and manage anger better?

Do you want to discuss problem areas and come up with options to handle them better?

Do you want to identify areas that will need continued growth and possible intervention?

Do you desire to enjoy a more mutually satisfying relationship?

If you answered yes to these questions then this is the course for you.

Working Together in this Course Will Be a Blessing To You!




10 Awesome Sizzling Hot Dates

Each Date is designed to give you an opportunity to reconnect and use the skills you learn in the course. Practice makes perfect!


Prepare/Enrich Relationship Assessment

Included in your package this assessment will blow your mind how it shows you your strength and growth areas as a couple. You get to pinpoint exactly what you should be focusing on as a couple.


4.5 Hours with Me

I will take time to get to know you personally, answer your questions and give you positive guidance on your journey. We will dig deep to discover and resolve those obstacles getting in the way of peace and harmony. You will get personalized attention as you work through the course.

I have been helping couples like you work through their issues and turn up the heat for over 20 years. These bonus hours are available in person, by phone and via a live stream connection like Skype or Hangouts.


Money-Back Guarantee

If you do the work I guarantee this course will help your marriage be stronger and more fulfilling. I offer a no questions asked money back guarantee if you complete the course and didn't find it helpful. That is how confident I am that this course will produce change in your marriage.

Disclaimer: Please note that this is just a course designed to show you the way to a Sizzling Hot Marriage. You have to do the work to get there. I guarantee that I will show you the way. Certainly there are more complex problems that require clinical intervention. This course in no way promises to replace needed clinical attention.


Discount Offers

Purchasing this course will give you discount access to my services, additional courses and training and upcoming events like the Sizzling Hot Marriage cruise.

The Sizzling Hot Marriage Cruise


Online Course Journal

An added bonus for those who are technologically inclined is an online journal where you can keep track of your answers and even record audio and video throughout the course.

Make the Investment In Your Marriage!


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